Speech and Drama

Adjudicator: STEPHEN OWEN BA (Hons), BA (Ed), MA, MEd, PG Dip (Ed), FRSA, FESB, FLCM, LRAM, LGSM (Perf), LTCL (Perf), LLCM (TD), LLAM (Hons), ATCL Cert Ed (Drama)

TUESDAY 7th MAY to FRIDAY 10th MAY 2019

Please note: own choice pieces should be suitable for a family audience – suitability of choice will be taken into consideration by the adjudicator.
Acting pieces should be from a published play, a collection of published scenes or adapted from the dialogue of a published novel.
Marks will be deducted for running over a time limit as set out for each class.
Copies of all set poems may be seen at the Derby Central Library in The Wardwick. Please ask the Librarian and return all original copies.
If there are problems please contact the Honorary Secretary.

Qualifying date for ‘age’ classes is 1st April 2019

Click here to see awards for the best performers

The HELEN FRASER MEMORIAL TROPHY will be awarded for the highest mark obtained in the senior classes of the Speech and Drama Section excluding the Scene from a Play, Devised Drama and Themed Performance. In the event of two performers having the highest mark, the one with the highest aggregated mark will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the adjudicator’s decision is final.

The IRENE RUBENSTEIN CUP will be awarded (at the Adjudicator’s discretion) for the best performance by a player of 21 years or over in the Scene from a Play.

The LEONORA EYRE MEMORIAL CUP will be awarded to a highly promising all round performer (though not necessarily a class winner) under 18 years to be chosen by the Adjudicator.

The GEORGIA CUP will be awarded to a highly promising performer in one or more of the following classes: solo acting, duologue and mime. The recipient, not necessarily a class winner, will be chosen by the Adjudicator.

The WINIFRED COX CUP will be awarded to the performer with the highest marks in the Solo Acting from Shakespeare classes.

The MILNER READING SHIELD will be awarded to the performer with the highest mark in the two senior classes of the Prose Reading.

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