No sound, video or digital recordings or photographs may be made of any part of the Festival.

    1. The Festival is for amateurs. An amateur is someone who does not derive his/her livelihood from the branch of performance, defined by the class title, in which she/he seeks to enter the Festival. In any ensemble, all members must adhere to that principle. This regulation does not apply to conductors in choral and orchestral classes.
    2. Each paper entry is to be made on a separate entry form or entered on-line. Special entry forms must be used for the Ballet and Stage Dance Section – forms available from Mrs. Everson. Entry forms can be photocopied or downloaded from the website
    3. DETAILS OF OWN CHOICE TEST PIECES MUST BE GIVEN ON THE ENTRY FORM. WHERE THE OFFICIAL ACCOMPANIST IS REQUIRED, COPIES OF OWN CHOICE PIECES MUST BE SENT WITH THE ENTRY FORM. IN ADDITION, A COPY FOR THE ADJUDICATOR MUST BE HANDED IN BEFORE THE CLASS COMMENCES. Hymn Books need not be sent in advance – to avoid the cost of postage – but MUST be provided on the day. The standard of ‘Own Choice’ test pieces will be taken into consideration. Each copy MUST be marked with the performer’s name and class number.
    4. Official accompanists are provided, except for the Dance Section and Adult Choirs Section, and must be requested on the entry form and fee paid where appropriate. Performers may bring their own accompanist if they wish.
    5. The qualifying dates for age limits are set out at the beginning of each section.
    6. All groups must consist of genuine members only, and no person will be allowed to compete twice in the same class.
    7. All completed entry forms, together with the correct fees, and music if required, must be sent to the appropriate Entries Secretaries, whose names appear at the top of the entry forms, by the closing date given.
    8. The Committee reserve the right to accept or refuse entries at their own discretion. The entry fee will only be returned if a class is cancelled.
    9. Receipts and performer’s tickets, stating time and place of class will be sent as soon as possible. These will admit the performer and his/her accompanist to the Festival for their particular class. Other members of the performer’s family attending the Festival are expected to pay admission on the day. However, ensembles of children under 18 years of age may be accompanied, free of charge, by one adult to every ten children.
    1. The Music Publishers’ Association has issued a Code of Practice on copying copyright works, and the following concession is made for copying own choice pieces from volumes only for the Adjudicator. Other items must not be photocopied without the permission of the copyright holder in each case. When an Own Choice work is selected from a publication containing several different works and which is not published separately, one copy may be made for the use of an adjudicator at a festival provided that the performer has already purchased his/her own copy and that the copy made is retained and destroyed by the Administrator of the Festival immediately after the event. This permission specifically does not apply to set works. Single copies of items may not be photocopied without the prior permission of the copyright holder. This permission does not apply to making copies for the accompanist, who should always be given a printed copy from which to work. Photocopies for the Adjudicator must be totally legible and in A4 size per page and will be destroyed after the performance. Original downloads/compositions should be clearly marked in red.
    2. The music chosen for the performance must he used in the edition and key specified. Transpositions will only be permitted in versions authorised by the publishers.
      Any difficultly in obtaining copies should be reported to the General Secretary before 2nd January 2019. Performers must not be replaced by a substitute, nor may they change their OWN CHOICE pieces. The Festival is under legal obligation to supply to the Performing Rights Society details of all items performed in the Festival and the co-operation of teachers and performers in sending information at the correct time would be very much appreciated.
    3. All performances using music from shows in current production are subject to copyright law.
      Songs from shows in current production may be sung as a concert item, ie, with no costume or movement without need for copyright permission.
      Where movement or costume are included in a performance copyright permission is required and the festival committee accepts these entries on the basis that the appropriate copyright permission has been sought.
      Performers or teachers with queries on how to obtain copyright permission for performance items should contact Festivals House before making their entries.
    4. Derby Arts Festival has an agreement with the Authors, Licensing and Collecting Society. Entrants do not have to seek copyright permission for any poetry, prose or solo dramatic items performed to a time limit of ten minutes. Duologues and one-act plays are not covered by this agreement and copyright for these items should be sought and paid for at the time of entry.
    1. Alternative or additional adjudicators may be appointed as necessary.
    2. Adjudicator’s awards and decisions will be final. No person may approach an adjudicator at any time and must see a Festival representative with any concerns or enquiries.
    3. In Junior classes, certificates will be awarded as follows: Honours, 90 marks and over; Distinction, 87-89 inclusive; Commended 84-86 inclusive; Merit 81-83 inclusive; Certificate 80 marks.
      In Adult classes, certificates will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places only, provided they have been awarded 80 marks or more.
    4. Trophies/prizes, will be withheld if a mark of 85 is not achieved.
    5. Winners of trophies MUST sign a receipt before taking the trophy away. In accepting a trophy the winner undertakes to keep it safely and return it ADEQUATELY PACKED and in a good clean condition by registered post when notified and by the date given. Lost trophies must be replaced.
    1. The order of performance will be as in the Official Programme. If the number of entrants will make a class unduly large the class may be divided at the committee’s discretion. All performers and accompanists must be present at the time stated for the class. Official accompanists are available as a private arrangement for practice before the Festival.
    2. Named performers cannot be substituted nor can own choice pieces. Performers not abiding by the rules will be penalised.
    3. No performer should enter the same own choice more than once and no set piece can be used as an own choice.
    4. A conductor should not sing with his or her choir or play with his or her orchestra.
    5. Successful performers should be prepared to perform their test piece in the Festival Concert if invited.
    1. The decision of the Committee on any question raised or not covered by these Regulations shall be final.